• The most common type of picture shows 1/2  to  2/3  of baby’s face due to your baby’s position (your baby may be facing toward your spine or have an arm, hand or foot on his/her face). 

  • Although some families do see 100% of their baby’s face, others see more of a profile it all depends on your particular baby’s position.  Your baby will determine how much of the face you get to see.   

    ** Please note: A re-scan will ONLY be offered if the sonographer determines that your baby did not show off the face AT ALL - it will be a 10 minute re-scan within 1 week of your original session and at no additional charge to you. (No re-scans or refunds will be given for partial views of the baby’s face)

We try to get the very best images possible, however, the follow things affect visualization and are out of the sonographer's control :

  • the mother's body type and build

  • the stage of pregnancy

  • your baby's position (as well as position of hands & feet)

  • the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby

  • the location of your placenta.