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What is the earliest that I can find out if I’m having a boy or girl?

You can find out starting at 8 weeks with the SneakPeek DNA blood test or starting at 15 weeks with Ultrasound. If you are at least 15 weeks and the sonographer cannot determine gender because of baby’s position, you may return for a re-scan within 1 week and at no additional charge to you. 

How many people can I bring to my sessions & are kids allowed?

  • We have seating for 5 in the studio but we allow up to 8 guests in addition to you. Children are welcome.

  • Recording/livestreaming of your session is allowed.

  • A big screen TV allows for everyone to have a great view.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

  • Follow the link in your confirmation email in order to complete and submit your Client Registration Form online

  • Have a snack & a drink 10 minutes before your session to give your baby energy to show off for you!

  • You do not need to have a full bladder.

What is your re-scan policy and what kind of image of my baby's face can I expect to get?

  • The most common type of picture shows 1/2  to  2/3  of baby’s face due to your baby’s position (your baby may be facing toward your spine or have an arm, hand or foot on his/her face). 

  • Although some families do see 100% of their baby’s face, others see more of a profile.  Your baby will determine how much of the face you get to see. (We do not offer a re-scan partial views of the face.)   

    ** Please note: A re-scan will only be offered if the sonographer determines that your baby did not show off the face at all - it will be a 10 minute re-scan within 1 week of your original session and at no additional charge to you.

We try to get the very best images possible, however, the follow things affect visualization and are out of the sonographer's control :

  • the mother's body type and build

  • the stage of pregnancy

  • your baby's position (as well as position of hands & feet)

  • the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby

  • the location of your placenta.   

What is the difference between the 3D & 4D ultrasound?

The 3D scan produces a frozen image while the 4D scan adds the dimension of movement so that you can see your baby moving in 3D.

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How long should I expect to be there?

Your session will last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the package that you select.  Allow an additional 10 minutes or so for us to prepare your package.

Do you accept insurance?

  • We do not accept any type of insurance including HSA/FSA.

  • We accept cash, credit and debit card payments.

Can this type of ultrasound take the place of an Ultrasound done at my doctors office? 

This is NOT a medical ultrasound and will in no way replace a diagnostic scan done at your OB providers office. We do not measure or evaluate the well-being of your baby in any way and we do not contact your physician.

Do you need a debit or credit card on file to book an appointment? 

Yes - We require a $25 deposit at the time of scheduling which will be retained as a $25 fee in the event of a no show, late arrival or late cancellation.                                                               

What are your late arrival, Cancellation & no show Policies?

Late Arrival Policy:  If you are late by 10 minutes or more (even with phone call notification) you will have missed your appointment - this may be considered a late cancellation/no show and your $25 deposit may be retained, Please note that we may or may not be able to offer you a later appointment on the same day - it will be up to our discretion and will depend on our availability on that particular day.

Late Cancellation/No Show Policy:  A no-show fee of $25.00 will be retained should you miss your appointment without proper notification (24 hour notice).  

*For same day appointments - A $25 cancellation/no show fee will be retained for no shows and late arrivals.


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