Which package is right for me?

Anytime after 8 Weeks

SneakPeek Clinical DNA blood test for gender: $129 - $149

A phlebotomist will draw your blood in the comfort of our studio and then we will ship the sample to SneakPeek Labs for processing.

  • If you choose SneakPeek Standard ($129), the result will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the lab receiving your sample, 7 days a week.

  • If you choose SneakPeek FastTrack (add $20), the result will be emailed to you on the same evening of the day that the lab receives your sample.

Between 9-14 weeks

Early Bird Package:  $49 +Tax

Moms do not usually feel movement at this early stage of pregnancy, so a quick look can set your mind at ease.  We can let you listen to baby’s heartbeat and show you your little “peanut”. And although your baby is super tiny at this stage, sometimes we can even see him or her wiggle :-) This is a quick look and you will receive 2 or more B&W prints.

  • This session does not include 3D/4D imaging or dating of the pregnancy.

  • We rely on you to know how far along you are - No re-scan or refund is offered for this session under any circumstances.  

Between 15-24 weeks

Sneak-A-Peek Package $79 +tax (Must be 15+ weeks for gender determination)

  • 15 - 24 weeks only

  • 10 min. scan session 2D (w/3D4D if possible depending on baby's position)

  • 5 or more 5x7 prints

  • Gender determination upon request (Re-scan offered only if we're unable to determine gender)

  • All digital images (including gender pics) will be emailed directly to your inbox in 2-3 days

Between 25- 34 weeks

Our Mini Jam & Junior Jam sessions include a free re-scan if baby does not show-off!


  • 2D/3D/4D scanning

  • Gender confirmation upon request (baby position permitting)

  • 5 x 7 color & B&W prints

  • A digital file of all images (including gender) emailed directly to your inbox in 1-2 days

Junior Jam Session

20 minutes - $159 +tax

  • 8 or more 5x7 prints

Mini Jam Session

10 minutes - $119 +tax

  • 6 or more 5x7 prints

Only for Clients who are 35 Weeks or later

Late Date Package: $79 +tax

For late term pregnancies only.  Moms often want to have a last look to confirm position or simply to see their baby one last time before birth.  This is a quick peek and you'll receive...

  • 10 min. scan session

  • 5 or more 5x7 prints

  • 3D/4D included

  • All images emailed directly to your inbox in 1-2 days (ready for sharing!)

  • Please note - this session does not include a re-scan due to the limitations of Ultrasound at advanced stages of pregnancy


  • Only Sneak -a-Peek and Junior Jam sessions are offered for Twins

  • Add $15 to the cost of session

  • Mini Jam & Late Date sessions not offered for Twin pregnancies

All clients get an awesome tote bag filled with goodies and samples on their first visit (subject to availability)

Add a Heartbeat Bear to any package for $25 +tax!

Heartbeat Bear Only Package: $49 +Tax

  • Your baby’s heartbeat recorded in a Heartbeat Bear

  • Perfect for those who have already had an Ultrasound session and

    only want the Heartbeat Bear with baby’s heartbeat.

    ** Please note that this package does NOT include ANY ultrasound

    scanning or images of your baby.

A valid credit or debit card is required in order to schedule an appointment.

  • A $25 deposit will be charged to the card on file at the time of scheduling.

  • Late Arrival Policy:  If you are late by 10 minutes or more, it will be considered a late cancellation.  The $25 deposit will be retained.

    Late Cancellation/No Show Policy:  A no-show fee of $25.00 will be retained should you miss your appointment without proper notification (24 hour notice).  

    *For same day appointments - payment in full is to be made at the time of scheduling.  A $25 cancellation/no show fee will be kept should you not keep your appointment or be late by 10 minutes or more.

** All packages and pricing are effective 8/15/19 and are subject to change.


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